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About KISS Marketing, Inc.

KISS Marketing Inc. provides comprehensive, cost effective Internet marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are a locally owned and operated full service Digital Marketing Company specializing in Website R&D, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web Site Development, and Digital Advertising. Kiss Marketing, Inc. has been developing and maintaining clients digital marketing projects since 2001. We provide clients with everything they need to become leaders in the Internet revolution. Whether you are looking to develop your first Website, re-design an existing Website, or implement an Internet Marketing Campaign, our team can assist your business, regardless of its size, in competing in today's digital world.

We use a combination of Internet Marketing Strategies and technological techniques that ensure successful delivery of your digital marketing campaign. The Internet is changing the world of marketing and advertising and we have been at the forefront of this emerging field since its inception.

Kiss Marketing, Inc. and its subcontractors are experienced in all fields of web development such as online promotion, graphic design, ecommerce, multiple scripting languages such as HTML, CGI/Perl, PHP, MySql, and more.

The demand to engage in online marketing is increasing. Businesses rely on our high level of technical and business expertise to execute web content distribution and high quality innovative marketing strategies online and offline.

A successful digital marketing strategy and structure is critical for our clients. Our mission is:

  • To be leaders in providing marketing
  • To utilize the latest technologies to enhance the client initiative
  • To deliver superior services and accessibility enhanced by our education, skills, and experience
  • To deliver a superior product.

Recognizing the swift technological changes in today’s competitive business landscape, Kiss Marketing services give new meaning to the phrase “win-win solutions.” We focus on the bottom line impact of business and technology decisions and are able to offer solutions and pricing based on customer needs.

Empowered with the tools and methodologies, KISS Marketing will deliver solutions faster than any of our competitors. This means you begin reaping the benefits sooner, giving YOUR Company the competitive edge!

The Kiss Marketing Team

Deirdre Cavener
Phone: (727) 517-8450

KISS Marketing in the News

WASHINGTON DC - Deirdre Cavener, President of KISS Marketing was one of 30 small online publishers from across the country that converged on the nation's capital in a first-of-its-kind show of strength to explain the importance of the advertising-supported Internet empowering small business growth in America. The Congressional action was part of a two day event, hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to showcase the importance of the ad-supported Internet to the U.S. economy ... continued!

Google Office Washington DC

Robert Tai of Google
Chuck Moran of Burst Media
Randy Rothenberg, President & CEO of IAB
Deirdre Cavener, President of Kiss Marketing
Mike Zaneis, VP of Public Policy of IAB

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