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Success means never letting the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about. - Tom Chappell

Increase YOUR Website Rankings * Increase YOUR Website Traffic * Increase YOUR Website Profits

The cost of Amateur SEO can put YOUR business out of business in a click.

Why do some websites get lots of quality traffic from search engines, while others get little or none?
To achieve high search engine ranking you need to have loads of credible inbound links to YOUR website. Every quality link represents traffic-pulling power, bringing more visitors to your site.  Knowing what links "count" is our job. Contact KISS Marketing TODAY, we have been leading the Internet Marketing Revolution since its inception.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an investment in the future of your business not a miracle tool. Do NOT invest in SEO until YOUR website is ready for the traffic and designed specifically for your target market. When a prospect lands on your website it must be ready to do its job (call to action) -> complete a form, purchase a product, request information, etc.  SEO is a piece of your marketing mix.

Who is YOUR Target Market?
Understanding YOUR target market and what they type into the search engines will be the difference between success and failure in your Internet Marketing campaign.  After years of research and data mining for hundreds of local businesses what we "think" they are searching for and what they are searching for are often very different terms.  Target Market Analysis often uncovers diamonds in the rough for YOUR business. 99% of your competitors don't mine their target market data giving you an unprecedented advantage - get ahead of the pack and shine those gems.

There are NO Guarantees!

Buyer beware ... no-one can guarantee you first page organic placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  If someone is making these claims they are not a legitimate company and you should not do business with them.  It is simple ... the only guarantees a company can make are things within their control.  We don't own Google, therefore we can't guarantee anything in regards to their search engine results.  We can show you where our current clients rank ... and 99% are on page one for search engine phrases their target market uses.


"KISS marketing, let me say that you will not find a more experienced, forward thinking or committed marketing partner. With KISS and especially Deirdre, it truly is ALL about the customer's success. I just can't say or thank them enough for all they do for my company." - Suzanne Spigner

"KISS Marketing and the KISS Marketing team are extraordinary! They are experienced, dedicated, ethical, and results driven. We couldn't have asked for a better marketing partner. Since we have joined with KISS Marketing our business is on fire!" - Grace Ariss

Envision Foster Grow Success

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